Oct 24, 2008

Yesterday was Thursday...

So, today is Friday, look at this.

I had to get a new DMV photo.

this woulda been rad on my license.

julian entering the dungeon.

some product names are funny and seem like they didnt put enough thought, or put way too much thought into the name.
"ooh and lets mash the N into the T! yea! " or "i dunno, just put -tron after it and ship it"
this inspired me and tom to make some fake company logos.

I need to send this to passiveaggressivenots.com.
"hey, if you woulda bought a large you could play the game, cheap bastard!"

speaking of cheap! 2.99!

Beat The Wizard? I get this mental picture of a guy with a beard and pointy hat getting flogged with a baseball bat. Or a Wizard Rap DJ.

Tom got me a blank deck for my b-day, I arted it with sharpies the other night!

gonna skate it tomorrow!

here's my other ridden/riders

my meager skateboard collection

this lasted about 14 minutes.
scrap lumber and trucks.

here's me rippin it up at Lake Cunningham on my birthday

some doodlies below:

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Anonymous said...

I want cheeseburgers and french fries to shoot out of my eyes!