Oct 3, 2008

My problem with "Lover"

I have a problem with my new neighbor's boyfriend. Or should I say my neighbors daughter's boyfriend. Her parents must have strict dating rules, or they're Catholic, because every single day around 6:00 her boyfriend. I call him "Lover", he shows up in his rad 1997 Eclipse with an even radder spoiler. They sit in it, or stand next to it for the next 3-4 hours kissing and talking and giggling and making gah gah eyes to each other.. its a serious "get a room" moment every fucking night. That in of itself isn't really a problem, its just kinda funny/pathetic.

The really annoying part is that for the past week he blasts that Mexican polka music the whole time. With the bass turned up to 11. It shakes my whole fucking house. And then after the girlfriend goes back home, he stays parked practically in front of my house with his doors open and bass even louder... as if he's trying to fix the wiring or something. I want to slash his tires or something but he doesn't live there.

If you have a really nice stereo with lots of bass, please out of respect for people that have ears, turn the fucking bass down no one likes it except for you.

and while I'm at it, why do people with expensive stereos have the worst taste in music? And why do they think everyone wants to hear it?

I hate you Lover, and your dumb Mitsubishi Eclipse.

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