Jan 30, 2009

Trapped in the Underearth

Hey Friday! What's up? oh, nothing, got a super late start to my day and then Meg's car wouldnt start then there was hella traffic. One bright spot tho. Traffic was slowing near the 24 split and a cockbag crotchrocket zoomed passed hella fast between lanes and scared the shit out of me. A few miles down the road he was pulled over by the CHP! sweet kharmic justice.

here's some ocular massaging.

Finally found a Chinese Food place that doesnt suck. It looks a little sketch but the food is good and there was a line out the door last night.
Gung Ho Fat Choy.

While everyone is losing their jobs and Companies are closing down, The oil industry workers have it so good they can go out and strike for more benefits. The shaved head due in the middle is my buddy J-Slim! Youre on TV bro! I sent you this but your shitty iphone doesnt get pix messages. meh.

I took this pic headed westbound on Hwy 4 coming from Pittsburg around 3:30pm. at approximately 4:00 on my way back towards Pittsburg it looked like a death cloud. by 6 it was full on darkness and dounpour. freaky weather.

Switched out the 149's for 169's. switched the BigBalls 65mm's for Hubby 53's. my new street rider.

Meg's late Xmas present from me. It's a computer... and it's tiny. 10" notebook!

One Eye'd Willie sketch for a freelance job.

So, this caught me as a little odd. Trident logo looks just like the Trident Chewing Gum logo.. except.. there's an actual trident and its for seafood.. WTF?

Some more SWEET JUSTICE!! you know why you went out of business you fucks.. because half of the checks people wrote to you didnt go through because they didnt know what fucking name to use! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! here's the backstory...
What were you thinking, seriously

I Fonted some more. I think I'm addicted.

here's a new one i'm working on.

and while browsing my installed fonts, i discovered that I must have downloaded the Marlboro font. So, I made this real quick.

alrighty then. that was that. sorry for all the Lost stuff. Tis' the season you know?

In the famous words of Franklin D. Roosevelt. "I want to push you down the stairs and laugh at you."

Jan 29, 2009

LOST season 5 episode 3

SPOILER WARNING!!! if you havent watched all the way up to the current episode. do not read.

First off, I'm kinda bummed that predictions I thought were too obvious to happen, are actually coming true.

  • Widmore is one of the young soldier dudes.
  • And now, since she's in LA, Dan's mom is gonna be Mrs Hawking.
  • Watch the new female other end up being Hawking, and Dan is her and widmore's love child.

you can just file that under "sure, like i didnt see that coming" bleh

And if the Time Paradox stuff is confusing you. Here's the way I see it.

For some reason, the course corrections dont effect Desmond, and apparently Alpert.

And for all intents and purposes, The flashback with Locke as a kid didn't happen until after Locke went back in time in 2004 and gave Alpert the watch in 1955.

Just like Desmond didnt remember meeting Dan in 2001 or whatever until Dan went back in time in 2004 and met him back in time.

its mind boggling. I love it, I hate it. its Lost!

Jan 24, 2009

LOST is back on!

Season 5 baby, starting right where 4 left off. And still we know nothing.

I love it!

Jan 23, 2009

Slight chance of rain on Wednesday.

That's what they said. It's still Friday and its pouring outside. So bad the idiots are crashing on the freeway.

Here's some shit. Look at it.

piggy likes to lay right on megs books she's reading.

You can have your 2 goats back, but i'm keeping the baby goat they made in my kitchen.

HA HA HAH AH !!! meat staff.

i made this stuff

click for big

Some more font action!

that's it. It's raining turn on your headlights you jerk!!

Jan 20, 2009


On my way home from Santa Cruz, where this radness happened....

We were near the SC Mountains summit on Hwy 17 and we stopped at this funky little roadside store to go pee. Near the entrance I notice a restroom sign on a giant wooden bear statue outside but the arrow pointed towards the road. There's no one in the place so Steve goes into the back looking for someone to clarify what the sign means. Chris and I are milling around contemplating filling our pockets with salt water taffy when Steve comes out getting yelled at by this aggravated old Chinese guy. He's like "I DON CAYA YOU HAVE PEE!! YOU GO HOME, GO PEE!! BATHROOM OUTSIDE!! YOU FOLLOW SIGN!! FOLLOW SIGN!!" woah! that guy hates people! then he saw us in the store "WAT YOU NEED? WAAATT!!!!" aaahh! holy shit.

So we go out side back to the sign that appears to tell us to pee in the road. We do as he said and "FOLLOW SIGN!!" to the dirt shoulder next to the highway, make our way around the freaky totem pole fence and see another sign pointing to a port-a-potty 5 feet from traffic. As I wait to use the facilities I notice some more signs posted on the totem fence and near the outhouse. What they said kind of caught me off guard.

Holy shit these people are fucked! fires of hell? seventh generation? blind in one eye? For littering WTF?

This sign starts out normal then they get all fucking crazy again. DUDE!? I felt kind of weird after because I think i got a little pee on the floor. I hope nothing bad happens.

We've been cursed!

Jan 16, 2009


whatever. Flock a Canadians took down a jetliner. pretty crazy. Also, supposedly Barry Zito might be dating Paris Hilton. Maybe that's all he needs to get his arm back. A few nights in Paris.

and now this.
my work space as of wednesday.

fruit booters took over the Walnut Creek skatepark the other night. little fuckers were waxing metal coping. seriously?
it was like a gang of em.

behind that palm tree is a medivac copter that landed at the end of my street. no pulitzer prize for photojournalism here. timing is everything.

stencil fun. rock over london, rock on chicago. GE we bring good things to life.

I have my own personal Chef. His name is Chef Boyardee

originals of my font

i need to hit the groomers.
bug holes!
sedimentary rocks!
lazy fucking people i work with cant change out the damn TP