Apr 30, 2009

Fingertight 2000 - 2005

I found these pictures spanning from 2000 to the band's demise in 2005. They are photos I posted to the band's website, as webmaster throughout the time we had a site. I have to admit, its hard to look at some of these pics without getting emotional.

This was a huge chunk of my life. The band actually formed in 1997 and went on to do great things. Thanks for the ride guys.

Apr 29, 2009

My 2 cents on God Damn Swine Flu.

So I just read that an elementary school right around the corner from my house shut down because a few kids stayed home sick with "flu" symptoms.

I'm getting sick of "swine flu"

Everyone is freaking the fuck out, but it's just the fucking flu. Everyone is taking all these extra precautions and washing their hands and shutting down schools, but its the flu. and its not any worse because it's "swine" flu. It's just the flu, that pigs usually get.

Everyone is saying "Pandemic".. that's what the hype is tho.. its not a pandemic. its just some new flu. how many times a year do they shut down schools for the regular flu?

never! its all fucking getting blown up .You should take the same precautions you usually would. Don't just do it now because pig flu is on TV.

Oh yea, and FUCK YOU Isreal! Diseases cant be Kosher. It's called swine flu because it came from fucking pigs you stupid religious non-pork eating fucks. If you get it, you're going to hell.. sucks for you, should have joined a religion with a less discriminating diet.

Hey Mexico, wash your fucking hands.

Also, its probably not pure coincidence that former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld owns stock in the company that makes Tamiflu. the shit they're telling everyone to take if they get Pork Flu. and Bird Flu. remember that?

Dont get me started on people not buying pork because of this. That is just flat-out retarded. We're in an economic crisis that is REAL and the pork industry is suffering in sales because of morons.

One other thing, now they're telling everyone to stop going to Mexico. Cruise ships are turning around because of this crap, but last month the news was talking about the drug wars going on down there and how people (even cops and high ranking govt officials) were getting beheaded and people were vanishing. But the tourists kept pouring in. If you went down there for spring break, I hope you get swine flu and shit your self inside-out.

That's all folks.

here's a link for more info

Apr 28, 2009

Sounds Familiar.

I just got this letter emailed to me from my insurance company. About a year ago they were all about "we're part of AIG now" and the AIG logo was starting to be more predominant on my statements and stuff. Then, the economic ass-puking started and AIG was like the plague. I got a thing from them a couple months ago saying, "dont worry we're not part of THAT AIG, and your policies are safe". Anyway, back to my letter.

Note the hi-lighted part. I edited out the rest of it because it was just some nut stroking yadda yadda.

I emailed em back saying:
Dang, I was hoping my rates would be lower. Wamu said the same exact thing when they "joined" with Chase. Now there is no Wamu, and suddenly my bank has a Chase banner over the Wamu sign and my checks say Chase on them. Funny how that works out. oh well, you gotta have insurance. congratulations and good luck. I kind of always wanted to switch to Farmers but was too lazy, thanks!

Tie Dye Photoshop Tutorial!

Hey everyone! If you ever wanted to know how to make a semi-realistic tie-dye effect using Photoshop, I just figured it out by accident. Now, I'm gonna show you how!

First, open a new file. whatever size you want, I used 500px x 500 at 72 dpi. Then, with your brush tool selected find an odd shaped brush set to a medium to large size.

Choose your color!
Then just doodle some squiggly lines across the page. I used the primary colors, blue, red and yellow. make sure you get an even covering of the white background, but keep it random.

Then choose Blur/Radial Blur from the Filters menu. Choose "zoom" and set it to about 30 to 50 and hit OK.

Just like that you've got a groovy tie dye background!

Now you can add a picture or funky text too! Have fun and happy photoshopping!

Apr 24, 2009

running late. sorry.

steve matt
me sucking at action photography

me radding the shred.

once you hit 106, they take your rubicks cube away. studies have shows 106 yr olds just cant handle it. also, they choke on the pieces.


ahh kids.

this douchemobile with light blue rims and stupid winglet things's vanity plates said BEMYWYF. i hope that was an engagement gift and not an invitation to women on the highway.

2001 / 1991?

go home.

Apr 20, 2009

KOOBZ in Space!!!!!

The first font I ever made was KOOBZ. It evolved from a hand drawn graffiti writing idea. I found a font program and put it all together with drafting software. It's almost illegible and hasnt really been downloaded that much from dafont.com but I think it may have found a purpose. Our friend Graham Phisher has put together a photoshop tutorial that stars none other than my old KOOBZ font.

check it out in its entirety here...

to download KOOBZ click here

donations always welcome.

Apr 17, 2009

Take me down to the ocean floor, cuz I dont wanna fight no more.

Its Friday. I did my taxes months ago so for once I'm not stressing about it.

My Giants are sucking so hard right now it's not even funny. so don't laugh.

here's more of this.

Mi Casita

rad Indian movie poster painting. A dying breed.

got to watch some Hot Rot TV shows on my sick day.

Megs aunt's backyard is rad.

Here's some Kirkness, vintage 1994.

me torturing my lil brother.

Homecoming court.

did some more workage in the kitch'

some goofs and some arty draw draw doodle time.
Locke IS the polar bear.

Scion Xb with full size back doors and extended cargo area. otherwise known as a Ford Flex.

this drawing ended up looking like my dad around the time my parents got married. totally by accident tho.
Jack: I bet you taste like chicken LOL!

Chicken: You smell like balls.
thanks for the caption tom.

ape hanger handlebar syndrome.

Now I'm channeling my 8th grade self with these drawings. Iron Maiden and TMNT all the way!

that's it, Raphael says go fuck yourself.
PS: pizza for breakfast.

Apr 16, 2009

It's about time...

I havent really been posting Lost theory blogs. sorry.. I dunno some of you are glad about that. anyway, I dont care. Last night was a pretty cool and thought provoking episode so here's some of my theories based on it.

If you havent watched it yet its because either you've DVR'd it and/or you're going to watch it later, or you dont give a shit and watched American Idol instead. they used the save on Matt G. DVR rules. So if you are gonna watch it later.. skip this whole blog!

anyway, here' goes.

Dan Faraday's Notebook and Coming back from Ann Arbor on the sub after 3 years:
ok so, when we meet Dan, he's got this crusty note book with hella time travel, island, dharma and whatever other crap in it which makes us think he's been studying it for a while.

what if.. at some point in the future, he acquires an Ann Arbor Michigan scientists' research via his own research or help from Widmore. And unbeknownst to him, the Ann Arbor scientist from the 70's was really him when he was in the DI after traveling back in time in 2004. and his name really isn't Dan Faraday, but Dan Hawking or something and took the Faraday name from the scientist's research he was studying. which could be why Oxford had no records of a Dan Faraday.

dun dun dun.

The people who ask "What lies in the shadow of the statue" theories:
I think they are descendants of ancient island inhabitants that Richard's group fought with and took the island from. I know it might be hard to handle yet another group on the island but with all this ancient stuff this season, I feel it coming.

The dudes in the van seemed pretty confident. Maybe they joined some cult. Someone started a whole religion/cult based on some left over relic that made it off the island. They know enough but not everything.
They know Widmore is bad, but only because they've been both hunting down the same Island relics and info for the last umpteen years. I bet one of them was at the Black Rock auction too.

George Lucas
Or, and this is a big OR, George Lucas received a letter in 1978 with no return address that had a revised version of Empire, before he released it. And he has been hunting for anything related to the Dharma Initiative notebook it was written on. His goons are finally helping him track down the source. much like my above theory, except, its George Lucas' life long obsession to solve the mystery of the revised Empire script.

That's a stretch.

Miles and Candle
I thought it was pretty obvious that Chang knew his family was in danger but couldn't tell them why and shipped them off. which pissed off Mrs. Chang. But now Miles is finding out now that he did it out of love. Also, punk rawk Miles rules.

I need to go call my dad and tell him i love him.