Apr 14, 2009

Sucks to be you

I got my first honest to goodness African scam email! I'm sure there's been others but somehow this one made it passed my spam filter (step it up gmail).

I am Emmanuel Kone from Ivory Coast. I am a boy of 19 years old and being that i lost my father a couple of months ago. my father was a serving director of the Cocoa exporting board until his death, He was assassinated last january by the rebels following the political uprising.

Before his death he deposited a sum of $18.5 Million in a bank here in Ivory Coast and he also told me that the money was for the importation of cocoa processing machine. i want you to do me a favour to contact the bank and demand how to get the money out from their bank and also to help me receive the money in your country or any safer place as the beneficiary.

i have planed to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production.

This is my reason for writing to
you. Please if you are willing to assist me indicate your interest in replying very urgent. Thanks and best regards. Emmanuel Kone

So, your not sick or dying or anything?

I hate to break it to you but the Real Estate market is crap right now. Also, you suck at English.

It's sad people are still falling for this shit. I know they are, because people are still sending them out.

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Moderator said...

I have gotten a few of these also. They are annoying and insulting, but I guess they get an "A" for effort. If your into scamming people for money, I guess it's worth a shot, right...? As absurd the request sounds to most, some might be more gullible unfortuneatly.
All the more reason to read emails with images off, at least from unknow senders!