Apr 17, 2009

Take me down to the ocean floor, cuz I dont wanna fight no more.

Its Friday. I did my taxes months ago so for once I'm not stressing about it.

My Giants are sucking so hard right now it's not even funny. so don't laugh.

here's more of this.

Mi Casita

rad Indian movie poster painting. A dying breed.

got to watch some Hot Rot TV shows on my sick day.

Megs aunt's backyard is rad.

Here's some Kirkness, vintage 1994.

me torturing my lil brother.

Homecoming court.

did some more workage in the kitch'

some goofs and some arty draw draw doodle time.
Locke IS the polar bear.

Scion Xb with full size back doors and extended cargo area. otherwise known as a Ford Flex.

this drawing ended up looking like my dad around the time my parents got married. totally by accident tho.
Jack: I bet you taste like chicken LOL!

Chicken: You smell like balls.
thanks for the caption tom.

ape hanger handlebar syndrome.

Now I'm channeling my 8th grade self with these drawings. Iron Maiden and TMNT all the way!

that's it, Raphael says go fuck yourself.
PS: pizza for breakfast.


Pamela said...

Kirk you have a really cool house, I love it. And...I am totally jealous of your aunt's back yard.

-Maggie from the SSB :)

Anonymous said...

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