Apr 16, 2009

It's about time...

I havent really been posting Lost theory blogs. sorry.. I dunno some of you are glad about that. anyway, I dont care. Last night was a pretty cool and thought provoking episode so here's some of my theories based on it.

If you havent watched it yet its because either you've DVR'd it and/or you're going to watch it later, or you dont give a shit and watched American Idol instead. they used the save on Matt G. DVR rules. So if you are gonna watch it later.. skip this whole blog!

anyway, here' goes.

Dan Faraday's Notebook and Coming back from Ann Arbor on the sub after 3 years:
ok so, when we meet Dan, he's got this crusty note book with hella time travel, island, dharma and whatever other crap in it which makes us think he's been studying it for a while.

what if.. at some point in the future, he acquires an Ann Arbor Michigan scientists' research via his own research or help from Widmore. And unbeknownst to him, the Ann Arbor scientist from the 70's was really him when he was in the DI after traveling back in time in 2004. and his name really isn't Dan Faraday, but Dan Hawking or something and took the Faraday name from the scientist's research he was studying. which could be why Oxford had no records of a Dan Faraday.

dun dun dun.

The people who ask "What lies in the shadow of the statue" theories:
I think they are descendants of ancient island inhabitants that Richard's group fought with and took the island from. I know it might be hard to handle yet another group on the island but with all this ancient stuff this season, I feel it coming.

The dudes in the van seemed pretty confident. Maybe they joined some cult. Someone started a whole religion/cult based on some left over relic that made it off the island. They know enough but not everything.
They know Widmore is bad, but only because they've been both hunting down the same Island relics and info for the last umpteen years. I bet one of them was at the Black Rock auction too.

George Lucas
Or, and this is a big OR, George Lucas received a letter in 1978 with no return address that had a revised version of Empire, before he released it. And he has been hunting for anything related to the Dharma Initiative notebook it was written on. His goons are finally helping him track down the source. much like my above theory, except, its George Lucas' life long obsession to solve the mystery of the revised Empire script.

That's a stretch.

Miles and Candle
I thought it was pretty obvious that Chang knew his family was in danger but couldn't tell them why and shipped them off. which pissed off Mrs. Chang. But now Miles is finding out now that he did it out of love. Also, punk rawk Miles rules.

I need to go call my dad and tell him i love him.

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