Apr 29, 2009

My 2 cents on God Damn Swine Flu.

So I just read that an elementary school right around the corner from my house shut down because a few kids stayed home sick with "flu" symptoms.

I'm getting sick of "swine flu"

Everyone is freaking the fuck out, but it's just the fucking flu. Everyone is taking all these extra precautions and washing their hands and shutting down schools, but its the flu. and its not any worse because it's "swine" flu. It's just the flu, that pigs usually get.

Everyone is saying "Pandemic".. that's what the hype is tho.. its not a pandemic. its just some new flu. how many times a year do they shut down schools for the regular flu?

never! its all fucking getting blown up .You should take the same precautions you usually would. Don't just do it now because pig flu is on TV.

Oh yea, and FUCK YOU Isreal! Diseases cant be Kosher. It's called swine flu because it came from fucking pigs you stupid religious non-pork eating fucks. If you get it, you're going to hell.. sucks for you, should have joined a religion with a less discriminating diet.

Hey Mexico, wash your fucking hands.

Also, its probably not pure coincidence that former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld owns stock in the company that makes Tamiflu. the shit they're telling everyone to take if they get Pork Flu. and Bird Flu. remember that?

Dont get me started on people not buying pork because of this. That is just flat-out retarded. We're in an economic crisis that is REAL and the pork industry is suffering in sales because of morons.

One other thing, now they're telling everyone to stop going to Mexico. Cruise ships are turning around because of this crap, but last month the news was talking about the drug wars going on down there and how people (even cops and high ranking govt officials) were getting beheaded and people were vanishing. But the tourists kept pouring in. If you went down there for spring break, I hope you get swine flu and shit your self inside-out.

That's all folks.

here's a link for more info


Anonymous said...

People are retarded. Officially.... Hasn't bird flu, SARS or mad cow taught us not to freak the fuck out?

Unknown said...

I ate carnitas today and it was Mmm Mmmm good!

Tbone said...

Yeah but, what if man?