Apr 28, 2009

Tie Dye Photoshop Tutorial!

Hey everyone! If you ever wanted to know how to make a semi-realistic tie-dye effect using Photoshop, I just figured it out by accident. Now, I'm gonna show you how!

First, open a new file. whatever size you want, I used 500px x 500 at 72 dpi. Then, with your brush tool selected find an odd shaped brush set to a medium to large size.

Choose your color!
Then just doodle some squiggly lines across the page. I used the primary colors, blue, red and yellow. make sure you get an even covering of the white background, but keep it random.

Then choose Blur/Radial Blur from the Filters menu. Choose "zoom" and set it to about 30 to 50 and hit OK.

Just like that you've got a groovy tie dye background!

Now you can add a picture or funky text too! Have fun and happy photoshopping!


jimbizzle said...

Good shit dude!

Moderator said...

Cool, thanks!

Christopher Main, Esq. said...

Can you do a lens flare tutorial next?