Apr 3, 2009

We lost Sandra Cantu, and found a stinky dead baby whale instead.

Sucks. I hope they find Sandra Cantu, that shit is weird. There's surveilance footage of her just leaving her house, now, she's been missing for 5 days. I think the Karate guy did it.

And now, there's a dead baby whale that washed up in Santa Cruz. They towed it out to sea but it came back and its stinking up the place. I say, use dynamite.

here's your friday pictures.

rock out

remember this old thing?

coming soon to PAWNSHOP skateboards

Dr.Chimpy, speech therapist.

Mr.Krinkle, secret agent.

Dios Mio

the cup on the left is for Cow milk. the cup on the right, for Giraffe milk

"heavy metal death machine"

stale fish sweeglie

we're fucked!

I had this idea, I want to replace the word "CAUTION" on stuff with "Hey Stupid"
that's basically what they're saying.


I dont think this is a prune tree, but i pruned it anyway.

I love this cup. "OH MYLANTA!"

This is what Monday looked like. TGIF.

have a good weekend, sorry bout the April fools joke. SUCKERS!! H AHA HA HAH AHA A HAH A!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patricia said...

Years ago they used dynamite on a whale in Florence, Oregon...it wasn't pretty

Kirk said...

yea, that was a vague reference to that old video.

jimbizzle said...

I dig the Hey Stupid idea. Could be lots of fun!