Apr 15, 2009

why do I even bother?

Remember that old post on here, "dont fuck with the classics"? well here's another case for that.

I deviated from my usual Bacon Whopper w/cheese, [no mayo, no ketchup, plus mustard] and got the Steakhouse burger..ooh looks good dont it!?

They said it just had mayo on it.. so I said no mayo, add mustard.. But what they didn't say is that it has Ketchup on it, disguised as Steak Sauce. woof .. and the crispy fried onions? They were a soggy mush in the center of a blob of A-1 Ketchup, which I got mostly all of in one bite. Puke on a bun!
this is what mine looked like.
(mine luckily didn't come with mushrooms like this one I found on google, I'd have passed altogether)

And that's why I never get anything with Chipotle, or Steakhouse, or anything like that in the name because, despite how delicious it sounds, it always has some special themed sauce. They're tempting because sometimes I don't want the yooge. But 98% of the time, its ketchup, mayo or ranch with some kind of added flavor. bleehh I hate that shit.

Whopper it is. Stick to the classics.

On a side note, I didn't get a Jumbo Jack and went for the mini-steak burgers from JITB. They are pretty good (no mayo, no ketchup + mustard as usual) they're filling too. There's a hint of White Castle in the back of your mind while eating them, which sort of comes out on your tastebuds too because of the grilled onions. But nothing can replicate a WC Slider.. maybe Krystal but Cali dont have those either. I'd settle for a Krystal tho.

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Christopher Main, Esq. said...

that's disgusting- I don't know how you can eat that with a clear conscience....