Apr 28, 2009

Sounds Familiar.

I just got this letter emailed to me from my insurance company. About a year ago they were all about "we're part of AIG now" and the AIG logo was starting to be more predominant on my statements and stuff. Then, the economic ass-puking started and AIG was like the plague. I got a thing from them a couple months ago saying, "dont worry we're not part of THAT AIG, and your policies are safe". Anyway, back to my letter.

Note the hi-lighted part. I edited out the rest of it because it was just some nut stroking yadda yadda.

I emailed em back saying:
Dang, I was hoping my rates would be lower. Wamu said the same exact thing when they "joined" with Chase. Now there is no Wamu, and suddenly my bank has a Chase banner over the Wamu sign and my checks say Chase on them. Funny how that works out. oh well, you gotta have insurance. congratulations and good luck. I kind of always wanted to switch to Farmers but was too lazy, thanks!

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Lo-ser said...

I got that letter, too, and didn't bother reading it. Thanks for summarizing it for the lo-ser!