Jan 12, 2009


I might have seen a mountain lion yesterday while hiking on the Black Diamond trail.

It was pretty surreal, like seeing big foot or something. We were on a trail that runs up hill paralell to a paved trail/road and i looked back down and saw something about 80 feet away. It was sitting in the middle of the road. like a cat sits. then i think spotted us checking him out and got up and turned around and sauntered off into the brush. Due to the distance, a cell phone pic would be useless. sorry.

We weren't even sure if we were supposed to say anything but we told the park ranger and I think he was pissed because he'd never seen one in the 15 years he's worked there. He took my phone number and made me mark on a map where i saw it. He said he was gonna tell his boss and he might have him call me to verify it. He sounded skeptical that we saw it. First he asked if we'd seen it, or just heard it. How do you say you heard a mountain lion? He said it could have been a large coyote but it had a long cat tail. Like a cat.


Anonymous said...

Craziness! Glad the kitty wasn't hungry or you'd be a memory.

jeadly said...

are you sure it wasn't a cougar?