May 29, 2009

I want to believe it didnt suck...

I watched the latest X-Files movie. You remember when X-files was a show and they would have a random crappy episode that wasnt about aliens or the smoking man... well that's what this movie was. a 2 hour long bad X-Files episode.

My interview went well. fingers crossed. Still sending out resumes.

sorry I went Friday -Friday on the bloggin' also, sorry about Paula Deen. here's more of this.

the new set up at la casa.

Kurt. ugg

Stinkus, giving her signature "stink eye"

ahh, Colon Powell Parkway.

$7 GiantsK tickets to see Timmy!

why you gotta hold the straws hostage like that Ketchup?

ahh Glassjaw, what a rad band. nice sticker random car in the parking lot.

beware of shitty dog drawings. grrrrrrr
for the record, im not scared of that dog.


pretty gnar bathroom at 7-11 in Moraga. nice shard of glass mirror.

photo trickery! mike IN his top shelf non-heavy syrup cherries.

el gato!

here's some photochop fun.

good night and good luck.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

LOVE the photoshop!

I miss Glassjaw. *sigh*