Apr 1, 2009

Good-bye Cruel World

Effective today I've decided to shut down the Noggins for good. Since I linked it to my regular website I've been getting a lot of negative feedback from potential clients who dont agree with my opinions and foul language. Usually I'd just say FUCK YOU but I've lost out on a couple of really cool opportunities.

I could just stop linking it from my website but It's made me reflect on what the hell kind of internet footprint I'm leaving. It sucks but we all gotta grow up some time.

Thanks for all the memories and laughs. I'm going to reinstate the basic blog I used to have on my site and just update my artish doings from now on.

It sucks but whatever.

Send your good-bye wishes and other crap in the comments. I'll be checking it the rest of this week and then shutting the Noggins down for good next Monday.

here's some photos to remember me by.

don't forget to comment.
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