Feb 16, 2007


ok what the shit people? its friday so here's some dang pikcherz. this one is good and random!

good because you know, i hate synthetic LUMP.

this place is by my work. its like a private lodge or something. it always makes me think of Festivus for some reason. that episode was on last night.. Festivus for the Rest of us!

can you trust a guy to tell you what wine is good when he's wearing a Sour Patch Kids polo shirt?

I hate Mayo!!

here's some wine snobs at a winery

this is some of the shit i draw at work sometimes.

these guys were holding up that K-rail for some reason.


here's a quick slew of doodles

after i turned this corner i saw a hooker across the street..

and for a final note. my band The Few is no more. Jose is moving to arizona. if anyone knows a band that doesnt suck and needs a drummer, I'm available.


jimbizzle said...

Move to Portland and rock out with me! Meg would love it here!

Did you buy a jar of Mini Winis?

Anonymous said...

I love that you stole my pic! Great photos this week. My favorites are when you catch people doing stuff and they have no clue you snapped a shot of them.

Rita said...

Natural lump what? I have to know, it's killing me!