Feb 2, 2007

friday photo monkey!

hey shit heads. here's some pictures i took this week.


this was made out of jelly bellys

who's "dream car" is a Toyota Camry? no offense Camry owners.


I saw these and thought of Anja.

look these hideous boots were made JUST for you!

these people were like 100 and totally in love. I wonder if they still fuck?

another one for you Jimbo..

want some corn flakes?


Scenic Martinez Ca.

ok fuck wads. see you next week.


jimbizzle said...

I bet Anja would rock those boots in a heart beat!

So is that an invite? Are we going to the BXM show on the 10th?

Anonymous said...

Its a Camry dumbass. It was the car of the year you know and in Nascar this year.

jimbizzle said...

WTF.... Wholy Anja Shiny Boots for boxers?! I don't think Id rock them but I sure would love to own them. Its very random! Thanks for thinking of me kirk!

Anonymous said...

I think your underlying theme was vomit~ I have had the courage once or twice to try those harry potter jelly beans, some taste how they are supose to others not so much! Did you try any ? but I truly think the high light of your blog was my shoes!