Feb 27, 2007

fun for the whole family!

so you know, Jimbo, and you know his wife Anja. they are avid readers of the noggins but most of us had no clue who Alice is.

Today i got this in my 'space from Anja:

I dont know if Jimbo told you but the other day at dinner my mom asked "have you ever met kirk noggins?" we both laughed. apparently she reads your blog. My mom, the 58 year old retiree thinks your funny stuff.

I think that is the best news I've heard in quite some time. Rita said my humor spans generations. I guess it does because my dad gets a kick out of the noggins when i read it to him. See, i have to read it to him because computers are like his cryptonite. But Alice seems like a very web savvy gal.

so, Alice, i know your reading... this ones for you!


Anonymous said...

Well it is nice to know that I can finally get a little respect. I've known Anja and Jimbo too long to get any from them. They know the wherefor of every odor this old body emits and they have heard all my jokes and stories at least eight times each (ten times each according to Anja who is reading over my shouldar at this moment pushing her honey roasted peanuts on us). The only thing I have left to teach them is the proper use of a butter knife, which they need here as their toilet downstairs is not in the best of shape. (You had to be there.)
Thanks for letting me have my say. "They" say it is time for me to go back to my knitting and get off the net. Jimbo has "important" things to do. Bye for now. Alice (the old broad in the pictures.)

Heather said...

My mom has read the noggins also and thinks it's funny shit.