Feb 23, 2007

late friday photo blog..

sorry its so late. look at this crap.

Dr. Phil episode about super obese people was on the TV when we picked up sushi.

this storefront used to be a cool-ass grocery/deli place then it closed. its been vacant for like 3 years. Then hella condos were built and a starbucks and a quiznos and a subway.. now there's tons of people around here and they turn it into a fucking Chocolate place. wtf. i hope they go out of business.
did you see the TLC show about the guy who did so much steroids his arms burst? no seriously.


my dad working on my car.. i dunno wtf happened with my cam on this pic

candy from Israel

thats john muirs house. he was like famous or whatever. Tinez baby.

and you know i had to get a close up of this donka donk

have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

is that John riggs with his feet in the hot tub? her ass was so big its no longer a badonka donk its now a bazooka dook!

Kirk said...

no its not riggs

jimbizzle said...

DUDE! I soooooo need to send a note to my mom. Pull one of them tabs for me!

I had a cool word verification. It was "pibbb".