Feb 15, 2007

some stuff

ok so I watched LOST last night.. anyone who is watching it tonite dont read this..

anyway.. wtf is going on now? i think the island somehow can really fuck with your mind.. instead of seeing a black horse or a dead relative, desmond went back into his memories before he got to the island.. crazizleness.. i wonder if he asks charlie if he remembers seeing him act all nuts after he got TOLD by penny's dad? probably not charlie did a lot of drugs after that.

there were some rad easter eggs in the episode too. all the ads at the soccer game on TV were Lost brand names from the show. click to zoom.

Mr. Clucks, Oceanic and Hanso Foundation!

Apollo candy!

crazy shit.. anyway I also watched The Departed. it was really good. if you havent seen it dont read further..

THE ENDING SUCKED!! what a piece of shit.

ok you can look now.

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Anonymous said...

I am dying to see Smoking aces. have you seen any american idol Jimbos twin is on there