Feb 14, 2007

lame parkers

Have you ever pulled into a parking spot and notice that the dude next to you is way over the line and theres either not enough room now for you to park, or you yourself have to park over the line? well maybe they parked next to a lame parker.. like this bitch this morning.

so i roll up to my work and theres like 5 cars in the usually empty spots where i park. they are diagonal curb parking spaces. theres a dodge durango in the last one and i notice its way over the line on my side. i'm driving my dads Tahoe so i try to park far enough away but also leave room for the next space on my right. as i get out i reach back in to get my backpack and my door grazes the Durango. no big deal. then as i'm walking around to see why the durango parked like a retard i see theres hella room on its driver side and the door is open.. weird..
i look in the driver seat and its empty. as i'm thinking i need to ask people i work with who left their door open i see this older woman inspecting her car where my door grazed it. she looks at me with this face like 'you know you hit my car right' and says "you need to be careful" . I look over at the huge gap on her driver side and then point to her car and say "you need to park in your parking space"
then mumbled something else like "i need the room" or something in an accusatory tone and i just said "youre way over the line, and you got like 2 feet over here" then shook my head and walked away.

she had no reason to park how she did. since my car is gonna be over the line on my right side all day, she's managed to fuck up that whole row of parking for the whole day.

sorry for the lame pic

park normal bitch or you'll get your shit hit by my door


Anonymous said...

I only have a few joys in life and blogging is one of them.... Jim and I were discussing getting netfix. and then he found th eblockbuster one. We were thinkning of doing blockbuster. Well letyou know how that goes for us.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I hate to point out the obvious, but you could have just parked somewhere else, saved the stress and gotten a little extra exercise. Just a thought.

But I do know what you mean. I park at a train station every day and the spots are super compact. Everyday I get new scratches from some jerk not knowing how to park or have to skip a spot because there's just not enough room because some jerk parked over the line.