Feb 9, 2007


i think i hate my photoshop teacher. everything is his way or the highway but he's like, nice about it. i hate him. he teaches only the stuff he uses and how he does stuff, his work process. He constantly says, this isnt the only way to do this, but this is how i like to do it.. but the catch is, if you dont do it his way he marks you down a grade. bastard... he always says theres no ONE right way to do stuff... but there is in the context of his class. its so fucked. when you ask you teacher a question they should never be allowed to say "i dont know"

"i dont know either asshole, thats why i paid $60 to take this class"

granted theres tons of stuff i don't know, and its stuff he's teaching.. but i'm not a photographer.. and i'm not him. I do my shit my way.. just teach the program. not your photography philosophy. it was the same way with the other classes but by the 3rd installment of the class, you think the motherfuckers would know everything. and they keep saying "im sure thats in the book" well fuck me then. i've spent $100 on required photoshop books we dont even take out in class. i could have bought the book on my own.. TEACH ME SOMETHING ASS HOLE
theres people in Photoshop 115 with me that took 110 and 111 and still suck nuts.

what the hell am i doing.


Anonymous said...

A homeless guy is your teacher???

Anonymous said...

i cant remeber if i sent you this link yet but i think you might really like this site. it kinda is like our photo blogs but includs written notes people find or photos of random stuff ect.. very funny! I have all the mags and books from them. http://www.foundmagazine.com/
the rant you did about the moving van sign kinds fit this site, i like the comments to teh things people find and where they found them. like they buy a book at a used book store and thieris a naked picture of granda in it. And the book they bought was about god or family struckture.

Anonymous said...


another good link im not sure you know about.... popel send post cards with a secret to these people then they put them on the website and they have published 2 books. some are sad some are funny.