Feb 9, 2007

Fuh Fuh Friday Photo Time!

A lot of arty draw draw stuff this week.

1, 2, 3 -GO!

first here's some of the photoshop magic i have to put on these crappy phone pics.


afterso i have been learning some stuff in this class. its still pretty lame tho.

on with the random...

excuse me, where can i find jesus candles?
they are next to the salsa and guava nectar. duh

my office likes to keep it real.

that was the day i was off line all day. because this happened

i just imagine 2 business partners arguing over the posters they made.
"hey look at the fliers they just came from the printer"
"have VAN? VAN.. dude our van is huge.. can you re-do it to emphasize out LARGE van"
"dude its fine people dont care how big our van is"
"I'm telling you, IT WILL MATTER"
"ugh, alright man" begrudgingly changes the flier.
"thanks man its gonna make a huge difference in responses"

notice only one tab has been taken. that flier's been there for like 3 months.
sorry about that little tangent. could have been its own damn blog huh?

ok here's some arty draw draw poop.

in honor of Groundhogs day.

ok have a good weekend.


jimbizzle said...

Now there is a t-shirt! Photo copy ass is tight!

Anonymous said...

Great photos I love the elvis!!!! And the computer suicide. I just love your style of art. all i can muster up is a match..... sigh.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Is that dog semen on the floor?