Feb 1, 2007

good news and bad news

the good news is, I dont have trenchmouth anymore! Before i had my wisdom teeth taken out my breath smelled like an animal shit its pants then died then came back to life long enough to fart then died again and got left there for 4 days. Since my teeth were impacted they were always infected and hella food gunk would get jammed in there. I also had a crazy ass tooth decay party on one of them. half of my tooth was rotted away. it sucked pretty bad. anyway I've been noticing the poop flavor isnt in my mouth anymore so i gave meg a kiss last night. she said i had bad breath. I got upset because i thought it was better. she then said, "no its just regular bad breath from dinner. dont worry you dont smell like death anymore. " WOO HOO! good bye poop flavor trench mouth!

now the bad news. while elated that my mouth isnt a cesspool anymore, I got bummed because i woke up with a sore throat yesterday. and now since has turned into a full-on cold. fucking shit ass. I hate being sick. on top of that i think my heater core is leaking in my car again.

happy thursday.

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