Mar 27, 2008

Extreme Dad!

A few months back I was in a skate shop in Brentwood trying to sling my boards and this dude, probably in his 40s.. all puffed up, muscle shirt, faded jeans, trendy x-treme sunglasses walks in with his 2 sons. like ages 9 and 11 or something.

he's shooting the shit with the shop owner .. I over hear his overly loud california accent "you got any big Monster energy stickers left.. the kids want to put em on thier jet-skis"

the kids come in all bouncing off the walls.. he says "yea they wanna know how they can get sponsored by Monster" ... "you guys got eh BFC's yet?" . One kid says "yea BFC's are sick, jason had one in class .. so cool"

I'm thinking wtf is a BFC? then i see it in the Ed Hardy energy drink cooler.. BFC.. "BIG FUCKING CAN" its like a half gallon of Monster with a screw top.

great..these kids kidneys are going to be shot by age 18. Thanks X-Treme dad!


jimbizzle said...

You're just upset that they don't make root beer BFC's.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Oh my gahh, oh my kids nowa' days I tell yah. BFC's I like those. "Hey you kids try the BFC's yet?" F*$cking hillarious.