Mar 7, 2008

Why you bustin out on Kate like that?

Hey. We got a bass player! we've jammed 3 times so it's somewhat official. He's getting keys to the studio next week. Eff the eff yea. we're already starting to add new stuff to the songs we already had. Audio coming soon hopefully. We still need a name tho. how bout Pirate Lion Cubs?

nah.. speaking of lions with machine guns.. who watched Lost.. damn what a piece of shit episode that was. It's pissing me off..


shifty other: uh, hey what's that over there?

used to be angry but is now stupid lostie: oh, I dunno lets go check it out.

WTF .. they always back down on getting answers ... like really easy.

The lack of asking more questions bugs me.. but its not like they'll get answers.

Another thing is .. if Dan & CharLOTT as sayid calls her, were there to help.. why were they so shady and secretive.. why cant people just be like.. look heres whats up, now we gotta go do this shiz. word?.. why bust kate out like that? but they dont. and thats why the lostiez bug out on them.

ahh Lost, I love you and i Hate you. here's some pictures I took with my phone.

looking for booty

dont know if you can tell but the car behind me had this crazy jacked up antenna
it was funny to me.


If only the real Elvis was this healthy.

so.... youre ripping me off.

Eating WRONG

awesome.. have a good weekend. Meg & I are going to Mendocino till Wednesday. Eat that shit!

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jimbizzle said...

You really should enhance your feminine side. Maybe you should put a tampon up your arse!