Mar 28, 2008

Holy late Blog

Hey sorry for the late photobloggins... my trusty steed finally took a dump on me and i guess the IT guy decided that it was time for a new one. sick ass DELL on its way. I'll finally have a flat monitor. I'm the only jerk in this office with a CRT still. anyway, in a strage cube, on a strange computer .. but i managed to get my pics up for you.

here's some photos. mostly drawings i did. sorry.

i want this to be my band's name


this is hilarious... i've posted this flier before.. they're all over by my work. but i guess someone actually called them and got a quote. LOL.

the lame

this is for sale. $1300 OBO. its loaded.. or at least it was 200,000 miles ago.

if you see some stuff at an indian restaurant, its like a curry mint pickled pepper chutney .. dont eat it ever. it will fuck up your day.


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