Mar 21, 2008

Rita Explains "No Country" To Me.

Rita: you missed the point of No Country For Old Men entirely, especially the retirement scene. just saying

Kirk: thats why it sucked..but please explain it to me

R: Here's the thing, early on, the sheriff makes the comment that he sometimes feels "outgunned"

K: was the whole movie just about some old cop that meets some bad dude thats just to insane for him to comprehend and that was his sign from god to hang it up?

R: when he arrives too late to the motel to save the guy that stole the money, he approaches the
motel room he sees and knows that the bad guy is IN there. he is sitting on the bed in the motelroom. guy is nowhere to be found. bedroom window - locked, no escape - even the air duct is too small for anyone to get out of. you can see him sitting on the bed, thinking... you know the bad guy is under the bed, and the sheriff has a decision to make, take him on, or walk away and retire. the retirement scene shows what his choice was.

K: waiit... A: how does he know the bad guy is there.. and B: he was under the bed?

R: he didnt have the balls to take him on because when he was about to enter the room, you could see the bad guy's reflection in the doorknob. there is no mistaking he is in might have missed that

K: the reflection?

R: yes

K: yea i missed that

R: his reflection on the knob, the sheriff saw it

K: i saw he was noticing the blown out lock

R: so . . . that basically forced him into retirement. yeah, he knew that was the bad guy's signature

K: when was the reflection?

R so, there he is, in retirement, with his wife, the dream of every cop

K: but... anyway.. whatever so it was about some beat ass old cop..

R: the reflection was of the bad guy himself, standing just behind the door

K: that sucks... thats a lame story

R: that was the point. it was the story of a good cop reaching his end and of a person whose basic kindness (taking water back to the Mexican) caused his undoing. and that there sometimes is no real justice..that was the point of the movie

K: well it was pretty distracting putting that story in a movie about a dude who finds drug money and is hunted by a psychopath.

K: sorry LAME!

R: he would have never been discovered if he hadn't beeen haunted by the guy needing water, that basically cost him his life and his family's life, that was the morality play

K: you know why they did that.. because NO ONE would go see a movie about a tired ass pussy old cop in texas. they ruined a perfectly good action thriller with some stupid old cop shit tacked onto it.

R: aye carumba

K: lewellen moss, great character.. i get that he felt bad about the guy int he truck ... that makes sense and it was cool..

R: nevermind. but I think you missed the point entirely. and of course he killed the wife, by the way he was cleaning the blood off of his shoes as he left

K: well yea, i figured that.. the boots. but the cop shit was retarded. Moss going back has nothing to do with the cop

R: well, sure it does he tracks Moss because he knows his truck and he knows him and his wife, small town

K: I'm ok with that. but making the whole point of the movie about him being washed up is lame.

R: there is also the substory of a cop working a small town, being confronted with the challenge of a career and coming up short. well not really that.

K: the movie could have ended with the car crash and i would have been fine... not dying to know if fogey retired or not. or that he dreamed about his dad going to wait for him in heaven.

R: is really the oldest story ever, good versus evil and we all want good to win, but it doesnt often win

K: fine but the movie holds its own because Chuiguer is a bad ass fucker. not because the cop has reservations about his career

R: it was the hairdo and that mod denim jacket... hot

K: cut out the BS monologue at the beginning.. and cut out everything after the car crash and the movie works

K: who are we kidding this whole movie could be summed up in one word "FRIEND - O"

R: you have a short attention span

K: not short attention span.. I just dont care what happens to the old dude.

R: then you are apathetic

K: the movie doesnt make me want to care.. its about Lewellen and the crazy dude. the sherrif goes back to being a boring ass podunk hick sheriff .. who cares

R: but that is the only thing standing between us and the bad guys. it is meant to outline the frailties of those that protect us

K: no way.. its about vigilante justice

R: no not at all its about the good guys being outgunned

K: if your local cops are too rusty to get the job done .. do it yourself.. and he only died because the OLD fucked up mom-inlaw told where they were going.

R: yeah, that doesnt happen

K: it does in MOVIES!! thats why its fun to watch..ha ha i love arguing with you..

R: (laughing) I know you do that's why I indulge you

K: its like i get into this devils advocate persona which is still about 80% me

R: ha!

K: i totally missed the hotel part tho..i never knew he knew he was in there.

R: yeah, that was sort of important

K: i thought that when he saw the case was taken from the vent that he had missed him. great directing.. make the most important part the most subtle and hard to see

R: it wasnt hard to see

K: the whole movie rests on some reflection in a door knob... i missed it.. i must have blinked

R: it was apparent

K: sorry choen brothers

R: it was obvious

K: like i said.. i must have blinked.

R: maybe you should see it again...spend another 2 hours of your life

K: No thanks.. oh yea and Atonement sucked too

R: I cant fight about that with you I havent seen it

K: they have accents ..give them awards

R: evidently so

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