Mar 12, 2008


holy crap, vacation.. meg and I took a little getaway to Mendocino Ca. It was awesome, relaxing, fun etc. There was a lot of nature. There was also hippies and stinky Fort Brag people. How do whole families end up stinking like old feet and hot garbage with a hint of stale ass? they left a stink trail down the cracker and ice cream isle at safeway.

The last day we took a Whale Watching boat trip. I spent the last 3/4 of that 2 hour tour trying not to puke. I found out that I suck at boats on the ocean. We did see whales tho. I didnt get any pics tho because I was holding back vomit. i suck. it fucked me up for the whole day after that.

other than that yea.. good times. we had an awesome hotel room/cottage there's pics.

here's some.. in no particular order.

there's squirrels

this is the room we had the first night.. not bad

this was for the rest of the trip. private cottage.

our views

we discovered turkey vultures strange morning ritual. day one and day 2.
they did this every morning.

sunsets kicked ass.



jimbizzle said...
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jimbizzle said...

I used to deliver hot tubs in the Fort Brag area. I always enjoyed the drive. Welcome home.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Beautiful pics. It sounds like you guys had a nice time. I'm so happy for you both. You needed a break, bro.