Mar 20, 2008

No Country For Old Men (spoilery)

Should be "No Ending for Long Movie" what the holy david lynch, batman?

so uh.. grandma needs to shut the fuck up

the hero gets killed unceremoniously, i can live with that.. then the Mexicans bail without even getting the money?

then.. Sugarplum goes to kill the wife (who has a rad Irish accent irl) but she tries to talk him out of it.. then, they never say if he did it or not.

then he gets in a car crash.. and right as your cheering, and feel like "ahh he's dead, the end!"
you see that he's not dead, pays some kids and escapes.

then, in a whole extra pointless scene the sheriff is retired, talks about some lame dream and then the movie ends..

this fucking thing was like an episode of Lost.. except with Lost, you know(hope) they will come back and explain shit in another episode..

fucking shit ass. what oscar did they win.. best movie with no ending?

what a cop out. it was like The Departed.. great build up but its like the writer couldnt think of an ending so he wrote ... "uuh, everyone shoots each other, the end"

Dude was a freak tho for sure. I could totally see a comic book with Anton Chigurh as the villian and Llewelyn as a cowboy turned super hero.

its a killer back story for a comic book. Anton kills his wife and Llewelyn uses the money and skills as a welder as his means for finding Anton and getting revenge.. building superhero gadgets and cool vehicles and weapons.

meanwhile Anton is obsessed with finding and killing him. They both get into various adventures along the way.

write it now!

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