Mar 3, 2008

Skateboarding Day for Jacbli76

Saturday was another full day of skateboardage. Early, like 8am i met up with my regular skate crew in martinez for a few runs. then Steve, Marco and I hit Plaza Cafe for some serious Breakgrub. That place knows how to do bacon. Then we trekked out to Oakland to meet Jake and some other dudes IRL from a skate forum I frequent as part of a B-day event for Jake.

We skated a little at this school across the street. That was a good ice breaker/warm up session. I landed a no comply sweeper thing which gained me a little bit of cred early on. I pretty much sucked the rest of the day. Then we headed out to the Alameda Skate park. That place is weird. Its deep in the defunct Military base. Much like Mare Island it has that abandoned post apocalypse thing going on. We saw the huge run way where Myth Busters films stuff and where they filmed a lot of Matrix 2.

I fell pretty hard on the side of my ass which squeezed my asshole shut at a tremendous amount of force. I felt like my sphincter was broken. After wasting a bunch of time there we finally headed to Bill's house in Alameda where he has a mini ramp in his garage.

then this happened.

my shitty attempt at catching some sequences.

this dude is the homeowner so obviously he shreds on the mini ramp.

there was a sasquatch sighting

flying the colors.. the forum where we all met.

this one is me!! yay frontside 5-0. i probably actually landed this too. by the end of the day i was pulling backside 50-50's .. and i did arock to fakie then a tail stall. it was super sloppy and probably doesn't count but its a start.

this is me again. I dont know wtf i was doing.. looks like i was going backwards from the direction of the blur. maybe i was trying the rock to fakie thing.

Jake eventually dropped in. I saw him take a lengthy run with a coors light can in hand. unspilled.

safety first.

this is the 8 man S&B bro-down. by screenname; fatoldskater, cmainiac666, Jacbli76, cujo, backsidedisaster(owner of the ramp) and craigs. and buddha43 and kirksucks in the front

it was good fun. Steve and I had to cut out early and miss the BBQ but its probably a good thing we got outta there before too much alcohol got flowing. I'm sore as hell now. but its awesome.

thanks again Bill for letting us barge your pad. oh yeah. Happy B-day Jakeass.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Thanks so much for posting these, as a friend of one of the boys (who probably didn't even take his camera) it's nice to see some action outside of our local arena! thanks again for sharing!