Mar 14, 2008

special vacation edition of friday photo

I just realised that besides the pics i took in Mendocino, I didnt take any other random pics. its enough tho.

I guess since its the day after Lost now, I should do an obligatory Lost comment regularly.
wtf, Jin flashback along side a Sun Flashforward... very clever Lost. and Kevin Johnson ... WTF?

it wasnt a bad episode. not as bad as last week but if this is the cliffhanger before the break, i'm not happy.

here's some photos i took with my phone.

ugh. its funny how when small conveniences aren't avaliable it seems to create a huge inconvenience

taken at St. Agnes' church's annual Pimps & Ho's party.

this is where your trailer poops


No Falling
No Fishing for People
No walking into waves bigger than you

the bathroom for non-punkers with penises hanging out of their pants is next door.

and heres a few i took yesterday.

wow, I want to be in this band!!

I hope your weekend sucks.

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