Jul 9, 2008

...and justice for meg

A couple months ago I posted a blog about Meg getting a ticket for having a "For Sale" sign in her car that she was trying to sell and how she was using her pre-pre-law savvy to explain her case in disputing it. Last night she was wondering why she hadn't heard back from the police dept. then, today a letter came from the City of Martinez saying they've dismissed all charges! Meg won her first case!

In related news, someone finally bought the Mazda. KBB on it was $1200 in "fair" condition. It ran and passed smog so we tried to sell it for $1200, then $1000, then $900. We finally put it up for $800 hoping for at least $700. But when a dude showed up to check it out the battery was dead. He had $600 cash so we jumped it and let him drive it off for the $600. Good bye little Mazda you were a great little car.

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jimbizzle said...

Right on for sticking it to the man for their stupid laws!