Jul 14, 2008

I heart Passive Aggressive Notes Dot Com

I discovered a cool site (thanks Lo) called PassiveAggressivenotes.com. It's a blog essentially about the ubiquitous "You'r mother doesnt work here" and "to whoever stole my diet pepsi in the lunchroom fridge.... " signs annoying co-workers put up around the office. I've been reading it all day and its fucking hilarious.

It got me thinking about all those funny signs I always take pictures of. So, for absolutly no reason other than hopes someone will find my blog searching for passive aggressive notes .com, here's some funny and not funny signs you've already seen probably.

AKA "I'm not the coffee fairy"

above.. annoying. Below.. funny!

buy more combs , brushes are unsanitary


Salsa is not a toy.

The 11th Commandment

Smoking only during brunch and fourthmeal is permitted.

worst cellular coverage plan ever!


this machine leaves you hanging when you try to "give it five"
its that "Kool"


these posters might as well say "Dead Pet Health Hazard Warning"

that last pet comment was harsh. I apologize for that. I am an aweful person

Instead of making a lame sign, hire a guy to fix the pump. I DIDNT buy a soda and chips because I was out here holding the gas pump.

Press HELP button for balloons!

all non-punkers with penises hanging out use other restroom

this one never gets old. "fork" ha hah ha ha ha ha ahahahahahaha!!!!!1111!!

chickens for sale. WTF

ok that last few sucked but I wanted this post to look substantial. sorry for being fake.

happy monday.

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