Jul 24, 2008

Paging Doctor Stupid...

I pulled a Lauren yesterday... as i got to my physical therapy appointment, I had to park in a parking garage. I gather all my paperwork and shit and get out.. right as im closing the door I realize I don't have my keys.. they're sitting on the seat.

but it gets worse

then I frantically went around and checked all my doors just in case one wasn't locked. When I got to my rear hatch I pulled up on the handle and ripped it right off.

I called Meg to bring me my spare "wallet" key that I never put in my wallet. I used to have AAA which would have been nice. But a couple years ago I got in a wreck and needed to have my car towed so 'DING' I called my trusted AAA and they said they could only tow it a couple miles which didn't help me at all. so out of spite I never renewed my membership. Woulda been nice now.

After my appt. While I waited for meg to bring me my key I went into the little office supply store and got some Velcro and double sided tape for a temporary fix.

The new part is like $60 on line.

While I was at my physical therapy they told me my wrist doctor is in this Toyota Prius commercial.

(he's the one in the scrubs)
I'm gonna make fun of him now.


Anonymous said...

Ah, so being a tard would naturally be "pulling a Lauren."


I guess I earned it...

jimbizzle said...

You should invest in G-Book (Toyota's version of OnStar). They would have unlocked your car for you.