Jul 11, 2008

Crazy! but that's how it goes.

"goes" rhymes with "foes". thanks Ozzy.

It's been a week. Here's some pictures.

"top o the muffin to ya"

I took some liberty with this sign. tee hee

cruise ship pirates .. its a real problem actually

holy gas! this was before i got my measly 8 gallons

righty is back baby!

ham taste

this shelf was gay.

ketchup dance

All of these food pics were taken at Dollar Tree or Grocery Outlet. Basically a place where products go to die... for bargain prices! But what kind of concerns me is that this ice cream pictured below, which appears at first glance to be Dryer's, is actually Edy's. Which is, as I mentioned in a previous post, the East coast version of the same brand. Now, why and how did it end up in a California grocery store?

With Cheesecake Diva Ice Cream for $1??? who cares!

Today is hopefully my last visit to Dr.Richard's office. good luck me!


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