Jul 3, 2008

Photo Thursday

Since tomorrow is a holiday I'm doing pics today.

Jan Fran commented and said I used a pic from her site in a blog post. surprise? anyway she asked me to put up a link to her site. everyone go and generate some legitimate web traffic for her.
Jan Frans Redneck Yard sounds like fun.

also, Happy Birthday little brother!that's me and him before my surgery.

also, in honor of 4th of July i made this.

ok on with the show... look at my pics.

my new set up...


I havent posted a pic of myself taking a shit in a while. here you go!
I've been eating a lot of corn lately.

I might be moving to Pittsburg. It used to be called New York Landing. Not many people know that but I designed a logo for a throwback type baseball cap that I could market to gang bangers.

ok who's the idiot that blasted themselves in the face and sued Dr.Pepper?

found porn


its a good thing the Giants won anyway. for those of you who dont know, that large section of stands in center field never used to be there. Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders built it over a nice center field lawn with flags, a view of the Oakland hills and "Oakland Athletics" written in yellow flowers when the Raiders moved back to Oakland from Los Angeles, after ditching the bay area for L.A. in the 80's. A's fans are pretty pissed about it and call the monstrosity "Mount Davis" A new ball park is in the works for the A's in near by Freemont.

wow that was probably way too much info for a caption. Anyway, thats all. Dont blow your face off with fireworks tomorrow.

Surely there will be some idiots in my neighborhood lighting off H-Bombs all night tonight.

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jimbizzle said...

You know, I was just thinking to myself the other day "Self, you really wish you could see Kirk shit sometime soon."

Thanks for helping me out!