Jul 18, 2008

Shit Jacked

So last Friday got shit jacked. I felt a poo brewing so I went to the men's room but there was someone already in the handicapped stall. You know the "good" one? I gave courtesy to them and waited rather than using the second stall. Which is an unwritten men's room law right? Don't use the adjacent stall or urinal.

So I wait and go back when no ones in there and start to do my business. Just as I start to get into character someone comes in and I see fancy shoes standing in front of my stall. for longer than necessary.

After standing there..he then takes the other stall and just starts plopping and farting with no regard for my presence.

That totally ruined the moment it for me. My turdlet snuck back into his hole like a frightened turtle. (or prairie dog)

All I could to was courtesy flush, do my best to wipe and then left. As I waled to the sink I could smell where fresh water met salt water as i walked out.. if you know what i mean.

I feel unsatisfied.
This is what sex must be like for my girlfriend

anyway, it IS photo friday after all. Look at some really lame pictures I took. Sorry in advance.

Band name/logo idea. it says BADH abbreviation for Beating A Dead Horse.
(we practiced last night for the first time since I broke my wrist.. YAY!)

how to ruin a new dodge charger. "can i get the pep-boys chrome package please?"

Ok that's all for this week. I pet my cat and rubbed my eye now its all itchy and watery. sucks.

make very weekend!

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