Jul 25, 2008

hey kids.. go play in Spiderman's crotch for a while

The trash bin that's connected to the paper towel dispenser in the mens room here is like a fucking carnival game. You dry your hands and gently toss the wad of used paper towel with perfect aim and there's this fucking lip in the back of it that deflects it. Your paper towel ball bounces out and right onto the floor. This happens every time no matter how close or well I aim! I keep waiting for Allen Funt to come out and say "You're on Candid Camera!" bastards!

here's not that many pics of stuff. sorry.

hey kids.. go play in Spiderman's crotch for a while

here's some stretches you can do before you masturbate. so you don't cramp up!

I usually go to the "nice" laundromat but megs sister drug me to the crappy one. Along with broken and old ass machines there was all these signs to remind their tweaker low-life customers what's up.

they dont need to remind people of this at MY laundromat. Kinda thought it was a no brainer.

It is? darn. rules suck.
(again not a problem at the nice laundromat)

I'll give her one thing, some of the double load machines were cheaper per load, but I'll pay a little extra so I dont have to be reminded of shit like this...
does this one even need a caption?

welcome to martinez.

and introducing.. Doodle Suicide Boy. new cartoon each week at doodlesuicideboy.blogspot.com

he's a hopeless suicidal teen that just cant seem to get the job done. It's probably not as funny as I think it is. Me and Tom were talking about the cheaply made emo comics I saw at a comic convention and how they were funnier than the high budget well drawn comics. I blurrted out a made up name "doodle suicide boy" and made the above cartoon as a goof. I've since made 15 more and it made Tom and I giggle. stay tuned.

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