Jul 30, 2008

Rock Band Redux

Remember when I said I hated Guitar Hero and Rock Band? I had played them in the store and decided that I hated them. Saturday night, my friends had Rock Band set up at a party and made me "be the drummer". Begrudgingly I agreed to at least try it. They had the cushion pads for the drums and a kick pedal, one thing that I was missing when I played them at Best Buy.

They put it on easy since it was my first time and, just like with Guitar Hero, they take out 80% of the notes you play and its just fucking confusing and like all my past attempts, I sucked and still hated it.

Remembering how Guitar Hero was, and if you put it on hard, or expert level, it made you play the notes more accurately. Which meant, playing the song note-for-note like you would in real life. So I told them to put it on expert level. They all were like "dude thats HELLA hard, you sure man, you sucked on easy" But I insisted.

I played a song I knew like Nirvana or something and killed it! I did a handful more songs while I was there and got above 90% accuracy every time.

It was way more like playing real drums than I had originally thought. But you have to play it on expert. The only parts that messed me up was the fact that you have to play the fills and accents and stuff perfectly as the song plays it. I never even did that with the band I was in for 10 years. I bet if Fingertight was in that game I couldnt play it perfectly. And I'd get pissed and say "thats not even how I played it when we recorded it.. this game sucks!"

But I'm sure with a little practice (like real instruments) I could fuck that game a new asshole ...easily. I had fun Rock Band, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

as for Guitar Hero. suck an ass, its still karyoke nintendo. It's (and the RB guitar) no where as close to being realistic as Rock Band's drums are. It's not playing with a guitar shaped joystick.

I honestly think that (unlike the guitar) that if someone who's never touched real drums played Rock Band drums enough, you could get on a real set and hold your own.

YOU SUCK!! "I.. I dont suck.. y- You suck"

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jimbizzle said...

Dude... I loved RockBand. I've only played it once but I rocked it. I'm not even a good drummer, but playing the harder levels were easier and fun. I want to get it just so I can play the drums.