Sep 1, 2009

cheaping out on internet identity

What the hell is up with not having a proper website anymore? and for this example I use the term "proper" very loosely. Seems like many businesses and bands are balking and taking the low road to myspace for their internet identity.

I google "red hat concord", the bar my new band is playing at on September 12th, to see if they mention us in their upcoming shows. I also wanted to check out the vibe of the place since I'd never been there before. Lo and behold, seems like they cheaped out and don't have a good website. Shit, they dont even have a crappy website, they have a god-damned myspace. The ass-hole of the internet. So while sifting through horribly laid-out graphics and annoying font choices I finally realize that they don't have our show posted.

This has been a common theme lately on the internet. For some reason people think that since it's just myspace its ok to have ass-wipe for a web layout. And just because you got it from doesn't mean its good. Myspace is the internet by morons, for morons. Now, Facebook on the other hand, while not a replacement for a proper dot com, is what it is, and knows what it is... a social networking site. So, fine, have a facebook, or even a myspace, but don't have one in the place of an actual website.

I have to admit that my new band sends fans to myspace en lieu of a .com. I may have to do something about that soon. but as you will shortly find out, I wasn't a part of that decision making process. Anyway, bands get a pass because you get free and easy streaming music on your page. But a business needs to step it up. I'm almost embarrassed my band The Freex is playing at a place like Red Hat in Concord on Sept. 12th, that doesnt take the initiative to market themselves in a professional manner.

anyway that's the plug for my show, cleverly veiled as a rant about myspace.

rock n roll.

oh yea and if you haven't heard, I joined a band last week, recruited my long time friend and band mate from high school to play bass. we rehearsed twice then rocked the shit out of Blakes on Telegraph.

also, I'm unemployed and need work. I'm good at drawing, and photoshop and shit like that. you know.

party on garth.

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