Sep 18, 2009

What I was doing in 1994 (UMF content)

You may have heard me go on about the punk band I was in back in high school. We were called U.M.F. which stood for Ugly Mother Fuckers. We pretty much kicked ass. Here's the original and only true UMF line up..

Cuny - false teeth/vocals, Jeff - Guitar/vocals, Kevin- baggy pants/bass, and Kirk- dog rapist/drums! circa 1995

here's a candid shot from the School year book. Cuny wasn't there that day.

Jeff, who I'm jamming again with in The Freex, recently found an old cassette from one of our practices. With RadioShack and some computer magic, I have the 5 song set for you now!

Sure to make the ladies swoon.
DISCLAIMER/WARNING: the recording is beyond horrible. I think we plugged headphones into the mic jack on a boom box to record this. also we say fuck and shit a lot.

"Eat My Shit"

"Fuck Off And Die"

(our only love song)

"Body Bag"
(a tribute to the movie Karate Kid)

"Stepping Stone"
(a cover of a Neil Diamond song as performed by the Monkeys as covered by Minor Threat as covered by UMF)

(a PSA for drunk driving and/or an instruction manual on how to use a car as a lethal weapon)

our band highlight was playing at the Berkeley Square... twice.
so that was UMF, now you know. and knowing is half the battle.

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Unknown said...

what happened to the tape we gave to berkeley square that got us those headlining shows? we must have had a better quality demo. Didn't we spend a bunch of money to record at soundwave studios? Whatever happened to that? And the video....lost forever??