Sep 25, 2009


Happy Friday. Here's some things I that I experienced today:

-It's too fucking hot.
-Mi Puebo food center is on fire
-Jack in the Box brought back the Bonus Jack
-My new crackberry is pretty rad
-I'm out of gum and stamps
-Jimbo needs to find something more productive to do on Friday afternoons.

I drew half, then flipped it.

new and actually nice thai place downtown MTZ.

Blackberry Tour for Verizon Wireless

harvested the basil and made some kick ass bruchetta

I'm glad I dont wear a watch anymore. them's shits is like $500 for an OK one.

getting drug to go bra shopping really isnt that bad. there's soft-core everywhere you look.

rocko taco!

creeper doll

somebody broke satans chair.

I was supposed to write something about Stinkface in this blog but I forgot.

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