Sep 4, 2009

Nappy Time... Not Buttmunch.

Dang it's Friday already, again? ...time flies when you dont have a job.

here's some of those pictures. Not that you care but I reduced the image size I take with my phone. My memory card said it was full. holy crap. Someone needs to take out the garbage.

Oh speaking of reduced size... I watched like 4 episodes of Family Feud yesterday. People are fucking idiots. Maybe that's the whole point of that show though. oh well.

were arcade games always this fucked?...first of all its 50 cents to play a game like Ms.Pacman now. wtf is that? with this game, World Crusin' or whatever, I finished the race before the time ran out and it asked me to add money to keep playing. WTF Lame! I thought the whole point was to be able to beat the time limit, so you DIDN'T have to add more money. fucking RIP OFF!

the moon was rad and picturesque over devil mountain, but phone cams do it no justice.

exotic? .....designer? who are they trying to kid?
that vending decor is pretty exotically 80's tho.

ha ha cat thinks the fish are real. stupid cat.

if you haven't been on ANY road in the entire Northern California in the past 2 months, the Bay Bridge is closed from last night at 8 till Tuesday morning. This is why.

meow. looks like someone is finally getting some use out of the elliptical trainer.
(note: Meg used it all the time until it broke. Kirk needs to order part and repair.)

OMG Lisa your armpits smell awesome!
OMG thanks!

someone sent me this a while ago. its random and funny bum graffiti.
it's a pretty universal sentiment non-the-less.

Gato vs Spiderwebs

custom band logo on my bassdrum head. courtesy of the masking tape from the walls at Blakes.

ok fuckwads, that's all you get this week. Still need a job. also, I burnt the fuck out of the roof of my mouth on a frozen pizza last night. it totally sucks, those things need a warning or something.

Hi Sarah, I wasnt creeping... you work on Main St. its kind of a MAIN way to get around downtown. Oh yea, I saw Oola twice that day and she was wearing different clothes each time. Wardrobe changes? Oola is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.

Nappy Time, Not Buttmunch.

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T said...

If your woman gains an ounce of weight, I hope she blames you for not fixing the eliptical machine and turning it into a cat bed.
Is it really that hard to find jobs in the Bay Area? that sucks man..I wanna move back but..your posts scare the shit outta me.