Sep 23, 2009

Font in Japan (its here!)

My copy of TYPE FONTBAT is here from Japan. Let me just say how rad Japan is. even the envelope it came in was rad. In case you didnt know this book features three fonts that I created. KOOBZ, Oakland Hills 1991, and Deccodisco. (as seen below)

This book is really high quality. multiple paper types and page colors. Very cool!

here's some pics.


Oakland Hills 1991


There's a ton of really cool fonts and it comes with a CD with all the fonts that you can install. I think it has tutorials and stuff for photoshop and illustrator too.

I guess this makes me a published font author. stick that in a pipe and blow bubbles with it!.

all of my fonts can be seen and downloaded at

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T said...

That is fucking AWESOME.. I know a font author. wow.
(like how I just turned your victory into my very own?)

Congratulations Mr Font guy. You're a real graphical genius.