Sep 22, 2009

There goes another $100 I DONT have.

Just got a $100 parking ticket in front of my house for stupid street sweeping. I'm so pissed, but here's why it makes me sick to my stomach.

First off, I knew it was Tuesday, I knew it was nearing the end of the month so I checked the calendar.. nope one more Tuesday in the month. Then, I heard a street sweeper but it was on another street or it could be the tractors and shit from the construction a block away. so still.. no worries.

I should also point out that usually on street sweeping day, there are NO cars on my side of the street. not today. there was cars parked all the way down. Which is another indication that it wasnt a street sweeping day today.

Then I saw the code enforcement car stop near my house but since I'd heard some kind of house alarm going off earlier I thought it was checking out the house so I didn't rush out to move my car.

There were just too many factors leading me to the assumption that it wasn't street sweeping day. Then I looked at the sign... "4th Tuesday" not "the LAST Tuesday" MOTHER FUCKER.

This stupid 5 week month cost me, and a whole street worth of cars $100. That should be enough to fix the fucking water main that keeps breaking.

taking donations.

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