Sep 8, 2009

Font Sushi

A few of my fonts are being featured in a typeface book being published in Tokyo, Japan.
here's what their site has to say about it:
大好評「TYPE DINGBAT」に第2弾が誕生! 今度は、ギリギリ読める絵フォント「FONTBAT(フォントバット)」を134書体集めました。「FONTBAT」とは、絵フォント(DINGBAT) だけど、アルファベット(FONT)としても使えるフォントのこと。好きな単語をタイプするだけで、オシャレなデザインになるのでメッセージカード、ロ ゴ、パッケージなど、いろんな使い方で楽しめます。もちろん付属CD-ROMに全フォントデータを収録。眺めているだけでも面白い、使えばもっと楽しい、 FONTBATの世界をお楽しみください!

I can't read Japanese but I'm sure its good stuff. Here's what the internet says that says:
"Popular "TYPE DINGBAT" birth of a second series! Now, barely readable font picture "FONTBAT (bat font)" a typeface drew 134. "FONTBAT" and the font picture (DINGBAT) But Alphabet (FONT) that can be used as the font. Just type the word you want, so the message card stylish design, logos, packages, etc., in how many can enjoy. Of course CD-ROM included with all the font data recorded. Just funny looking, you can use more fun, FONTBAT Please enjoy the world!"

Here's my pages-
decco disco
blog the impaler

Please enjoy the world!

warning, these are all in Japanese.
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