Sep 13, 2009

Interesting weather we're having?

So yea following the hottest day ever I wake up to raindrops the next morning... and lightning, and thunder. After a bunch of rad California days a little actual weather is nice for a change.

here goes nothing.

imagine, if you will, that I took this with a good camera. it was a very crazy looking cloud pattern that morning. thunder and rain as stated above.


this. is some scary ass shit. I'm drinking Pepsi from now on.

just another foggy day on the GG.

I didnt forget how to skate. fun stuff.

Ikea fez's now.

clean shaven shoes

kittens spooning. homo cats.

fucking punk ass kids.

ok that's the sunday edition of Photo Friday. It's still all wintery outside and I still need a job. .. oh yea my band rocked the vagina off Red Hat Sports Bar last night. you wish you coulda been there. next stop, 'TINEZ!


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