Aug 29, 2014

Do Me a Flavor - Part 2

Just found 2 for $4 Lays at Target.  Picked up the other two contest flavors, Bacon Mac & Cheese and Wasabi Ginger.  Here's a quick run down. 

Bacon Cheddar Mac & Cheese is really good. It's a cheesy flavor with the smokey tones of bacon.  But for an accurate description of how they taste I'll just say they taste exactly like normal chips covered in this...

And everyone, who's anyone either outright or in secret loves the shit out of bacon squeezy cheese.
So points for that.  As with the coffee chips, you can tell that the same artificial flavoring extract they use in bacon flavored cheese product is used to flavor these.  Really overall nothing spectacular. Like a facebook friend said, With a flavor like that, expectations are high.  

Now onto the Wasabi Ginger.  Since these happen to be the Kettle Cooked variety of Lays chip there's tons of nooks and crannies for the very tangy and zesty wasabi/ginger flavoring to hide out waiting to be found.  And I found them.  The flavor of these could only be described like this:  Imagine getting take out from your favorite sushi restaurant.  Imagine opening the bag and the aroma that wofts into your face holes.  That's what these taste like.  Really strong flavoring but not to intense.  Despite there being wasabi Funyuns on the market already, these are something else.  It may be the ginger but these taste very asian. These should win.  Bacon is hard to beat. You know, because bacon, but these should win.

After a few days with the other two, I can say with confidence that I dont like the mango salsa chips. They would be better if they were just salsa. I think there was a pico de gallo in the running that should have beat these.  The mango just throws it all off.  Then again I dont like mango salsa in general.  Maybe it's the same people that like pineapple on pizza.  Who knows .. they arent that good.  As for the cappuccino, I cant stop eating them.  They arent particularly great tasting but they're different. I think my taste organs are still curious and need to figure it out.  The word is still out on those.  I dont hate them.  Or at least I dont know if I do or not yet.  

So here's my ranking. 
  1. Wasabi Ginger 
  2. Bacon Cheddar Mac & Cheese
  3. Cappuccino 
  4. Mango Salsa

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