Aug 22, 2014

Tipping Revisited

A while back I posted this original Tipping post.  (above) I noticed there's been a few posts going around the social media today about tipping and why we all need to do it.  The story is the same tho. So I'm going to talk some more about why I think it needs to stop. 

Here's the thing about tipping. It shouldn't be expected. I dont get tips, many jobs don't. you do your job; you get paid what you get paid. Getting served by restaurant workers gives people the sense that they've been attended to personally and feel like giving a tip for good service is something they want to do. That's fine, but the culture here has twisted it all in such a way that were to the point where it's ok for employers to pay servers absolutely nothing and expect that the customers will pay their employees salaries for them by making up the difference in tips. That's not fucking cool. It's a tip, a gratuity

Tipping isnt a reward anymore. It's wage supplementation. and its not even guaranteed, but it's unofficially customary or borderline required. That's cool if some places make up the difference before you get taxed on estimated tips, but it's a big fucking problem and it needs to be fixed.

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